Video Games On The Brain


Video games, like many popular forms of entertainment have been undergoing a metamorphosis. With the attention span waning and the demand for more realistic graphics and consumer interaction (i.e. online play with multiple players), it’s becoming more common to see gaming companies everywhere rapidly producing highly stylized, feature film-like episodic stories with intense animation and complicated plot lines to keep up with the public’s demand for exciting, realistic game play. For instance, the Battlefield franchise, which has developed so drastically over ten years doesn’t seem to show signs of slowing down its progression. Starting out as a computer game, the series has grown immensely in popularity and has gotten more complicated with its design. It raises the general question, “When will the evolution of video games cease? ” Though, horrifying thoughts of eXistenZ immediately come to mind when hearing that question posed, it’s exciting to see where the future of gaming is headed.

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