Branding:  Strategy, Innovation & Design

Branding is the process of defining and shaping the way you would like people to view your brand. A well crafted brand has the power to position itself favorably in people’s minds. We study your company, its customers and marketplace to gain the insights that allow us to create a brand platform that stands out from the competition and clearly communicates your brand value and promises. We innovate new brands in everything from major corporations, new product launches to start-up companies in need of a complete identity from scratch. We also design full visual brand systems that function across all media platforms and outlets. Our team delivers logotypes, symbols, color & typography systems, as well as a set of tools enabling clients to easily start using their new visual identity.

Marketing and Advertising

We create effective campaigns that deliver your message on point with your strategy. We use creative story telling, design and technology to break through the static and garner attention as well as retention for your brand.

We believe that advertising no longer has the power (did it ever?) to simply and subliminally brainwash people to choose one detergent over another. Instead, we take people seriously and our creative work reflects this simple fact. The goal of our campaigns is to provide value to your potential customers through the campaign, itself. We think of this as “Value Added Marketing.” If people value the time they spend interacting with a brand through marketing touch points then we are doing our job.

Therefore, we create campaigns that give people a reason to engage with them; whether it’s a micro site or a print ad in a magazine. People need to feel that your campaign is worth their time.

Digital and Web

An effective digital strategy is critical to any successful communications initiative. TIO develops everything from effective campaign sites to brand websites and complex e-commerce solutions using the latest and smartest technologies. Our digital team is capable of complex back-end integrations as well as pixel perfect front-end implementation.

Online campaigns enable brands to do much more than traditional media; a well developed campaign should simultaneously raise brand awareness, generate leads and provide value to people.

Photography and Video

Great photography has the ability to tell a big story succinctly. Similarly, great design can easily be ruined by poor photography. Photography, and how it is presented in marketing materials, is instrumental to how your brand will be perceived.

Video has quickly established itself as the most popular way to consume media online — the average person watches 182 videos online per month. As such, it can be a very efficient vehicle to communicate your brand message to millions of people. We provide lifestyle, product, and corporate photography services as well as creative video production and graphics.


What great brands have in common is a distinct and consistent approach to design. These brands are easily recognizable, instantly transferring brand values and promises to you. TIO uses design as a strategic tool to help companies express their identity through visual means. Our design team is equally adept across all media ranging from websites to logotypes and package design.

Great and consistent design has the power to elevate your brand in people’s minds and position the brand exactly where you want it.


With the visual cues and branding concepts in place, the rubber doesn’t meet the road until all the elements are tied together with smart, tight copywriting to help make your point. When a company speaks to the marketplace, we can help sharpen your words, improve your pitch and make sure you can be understood.

Great copywriting is important for everything: packaging, websites, brochures, strategic memos, company speeches and white papers. Before you hand in your homework, let TIO’s copywriting team check it over to make sure there’s no typos and your point comes across as simply and elegantly as possible.

PR and Social Media

Today’s media is an echo chamber, where the stories covered in traditional media bubble-up from user-generated media, and what you read in blogs trickles down from the top. TIO helps clients navigate this complex media landscape and make sure that they are heard through traditional media, as well as being buzzed about in blogs and social networks.

We manage all aspects of PR, including strategic online dissemination and content seeding.

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